It's time to Bare all...

22 Nov , 2016

Bare our Eco-Lounge Lingerie Collection

Introducing Bare, our eco-friendly luxury lounge collection. Made using one of the Earth’s naturally softest materials, Bamboo. 

Our everyday favourites transformed into a lingerie collection that envelopes the wearer in pure softness, easy to wear styles and invisible design lines. Bare Bamboo is the key ingredient to creating such breathable, wearable, comfortable lingerie that cares for the environment.

Designed in house by Designer Janay Eleanor,

" I personally wanted lingerie that was invisible yet sexy, comfortable and feels incredible to wear.  A creative combination of lounge, light sports and everyday shapes. Discovering just how beautiful Bamboo is to work with and wear, I was sold by its cashmere like feel and eco-friendly properties." - Janay 

When the idea for a lounge lingerie collection began, we knew we wanted to create lingerie that not only ticked all the boxes in terms of comfort, practicality and fit, but also felt absolutely blooming beautiful against your skin. After all, everyday essentials shouldn't feel any less luxurious as something special in our eyes. So our search for a truly wonderful fabric began, after trialling different cotton based mixes and some lycra infusions we came across Bamboo. 

Bamboo as a plant is truly incredible, there was so much to learn and so many benefits of using this natural plant as a source for lingerie making. Bamboo fabric is one of those ultra special fabrics which ticks all the boxes. Firstly, bamboo is beautifully soft, it is described as a pure cashmere like touch, which if like us we cannot get enough of. It feels wonderfully luxurious against your skin and is even great on sensitive skin. You really have to feel it to believe it.  

Bamboo and all it's incredible properties allow it to become the ‘working’ fabric that it is. We designed a collection of high waisted, brazilian and boy short knickers. Complimented by an everyday favourite for Designer Janay, the triangle soft cup bra and the sports crop bra for light sports such as yoga.

Within this collection we also wanted to include garments which reflect Janay's love of yoga and cosy lounging with a good movie or in most cases reruns of Sex and the City. So we designed a pair of high waisted leggings, great for movement and flexibility as well as a good sofa night in. We also are very excited to launch our very first bodies, we have two within the Bare collection with alternate neck lines and back detailing. The bodies in particular are a great item to keep in your lingerie draw, as they can easily convert from lingerie to outerwear. This is a design element we wanted to reflect with a few pieces within our Bare collection. It's adaptable to you, your lifestyle and how you wish to wear it. 

When you’re wearing a piece of our Bare bamboo collection, the fabric is not only protecting your skin from UV rays but also, keeping you odour free. With natural antibacterial properties bamboo is perfect for an active lifestyle. Keeping you cool when you're warm and warm when you're cool, bamboo has hollow microfibers which work with your body temperature. 

Explore our beautiful collection of supple soft bras, knickers for every outfit and our very first bodies and leggings for perfect lingerie lounging.  

Making it simply the best time to Bare all.





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