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22 Sep , 2017

Since Janay Delicately British began, we have explored the most luxury of Chantilly lace with our Avenue Twenty Four Launch Collection, the purest form of beauty with our Serendipity Collection and the benefits of Bamboo with our latest eco-friendly Bare Lounge Lingerie Collection.

As the designer for Janay Lingerie, I enjoy the process of seeing a sketch on my drawing pad become a physical garment, one I can sample, trial and when I think it is just perfect, share with the world. 

I do inevitably end up with some particular favourites which for what ever reason, end up being my go to pieces in my lingerie drawer.

Soon to be launching our SS18 Collection, I can reflect on my top five favourite little beauties and share just why I adore them so much. 

Wild Lace Suspender Belt

Wild Lace Suspender Belt

No.1, Serendipity Wild Lace Suspender Belt 

This Suspender Belt is my very own work of art which I couldn't be more proud of. Whilst designing this, I envisioned how it would look on the contours of the body and how it would encase the wearer in a delicate yet controlling singular piece of lace. This dreamy corded lace I had chosen to develop Serendipity's unique look with, was really a show stopper all by itself. I wanted it to do the talking and with the right amount of delicately hand cut edging and strength across the hips it really is one to make them speechless. Trust me it's tried and tested!

 Bare Bamboo Triangle Bra

Bare Bamboo Triangle BraBare Bamboo Triangle Bra

No.2, Bare Bamboo Triangle Bra

Probably one of my most worn bras, our bamboo triangle bra is pure comfort at its highest level. The design of this was clean and simplistic for one main goal in mind, everyday bliss. I wanted enough support for light exercise such as yoga or Pilates with the design and flexibility of an everyday bra. The non-wired triangle bra is perfect for so many outfits and the bamboo fabric against my skin is simply heaven. I travelled on a ten hour flight with this bra on and I have to say its become the bra that I don't feel the need to take off at the end of the day. It's an easy, throw on, travel in everything bra, I love it!

 Serendipity Limerence Knicker

Serendipity Limerence Knicker

No.3,  Serendipity Limerence Knicker 

I remember sketching this design in my pad thinking if I can pull off this design and its comfortable and fits perfectly its going to be truly unique. I do have a thing for a high waisted knickers, however with the dream like floaty silk tulle brushing against the contours this knicker doesn't feel like your wearing much at all. It's that light and delicate, it covers and controls where is needed and gracefully drapes across the rest. It's a knicker that you need to try on to understand just how feminine it makes you feel. 

 Avenue 16 High Rise Bra

Avenue 16 High Rise BraAvenue 16 High Rise Bra

No.4, Avenue 16 High Rise Bra

This was the first real adventurous bra I had designed. As part of the brand launch collection Avenue 24, this bra was by far my favourite. I have a love for tank top style high straps on bras, I love the way they look so utterly elegant. The Ave.16 high rise bra was a token to my personal style. With high Chantilly lace cups and a deep plunging neckline this bra was not only elegant but seductive. The true constructive achievement was the illusion of higher wires. The wires used in this bra are no different to every other bra we make. The cut of the cups give the illusion of projected high wires, these when worn beautifully frame the bust and really do feel so comfortable. With 16 being my favourite number I couldn't think of a better placement within the collection. 


No.5, Serendipity Eloquent Bra

The Eloquent Bra is probably the most technically complicated yet beautiful bras I have ever designed. With the star of the show being the dreamy silk tulle drape back. It is a design detail I have never seen before on lingerie. I adore how gracious a draped silk dress can look on and I wanted to incorporate that beautiful detail into a lingerie piece. I also wanted to include a long line cut into this collection. A long line bra offers such good support and really turns a functional garment into something that stands out. The unique way the lace is positioned on this bra also reflects the collection influence of something truly organic. 

So for now they are the lingerie pieces that are my ultimate favourites at the moment. I look forward to launching our SS18 collection soon and no doubt will add a few more pieces to my favourites list. 

What pieces have caught your eye? Or what lingerie do you find you simply cannot live without? We would love to know so pop your comments below. 

Take care Lingerie Lovers!

Janay    x    

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