2016...What a fabulous year we've had!

19 Dec , 2016

An incredible year, a big Bare decision and a whole lot of Lingerie... 


2016 has been quite the year for us at Janay Lingerie. We've launched brand new innovative lingerie, taken on huge challenges and even welcomed a few adorable wolf dog pups on set. What a wonderful year we've had!

With the success of our opulent and romantic collection Serendipity SS16, this has proved to be such a beautiful and popular addition to the brand. Serendipity has had some glorious press which we cannot wait to share with you on our press page (coming soon!). Our signature shapes and attention to detail has been adored and admired, we couldn't have hoped for more. 

Serendipity SS16

Following the launch of Serendipity, we had a main focus to expand our lingerie portfolio to reflect Janay as a lifestyle brand, we wanted to share with the world not just our specialist silks but also our everyday favourites. Like many women, I am absolutely in love with lingerie and have a drawer full of all sorts, some ultra special items, some lovely comfy ones and some which should probably retire but I love them too much. This got me thinking, Janay Lingerie currently offers some beautiful lingerie that is well fitting, well made and luxurious but what about something that you can completely lounge about in? You know, for when all you want to do is binge out on pizza and watch Netflix.


In my lifestyle, I work A LOT but also enjoy a little down time too, I am blessed to be able to wear my own lingerie every day and I couldn't think of anything more beautiful that the feel of silk on my skin everyday. However, not everyone is the same and some prefer to enjoy their little luxuries as well as something just as soft for the lounging days. So Bare was born, it took me a while to create a diverse collection of wearable styles which accommodated for all kinds of outfits, skirts, dresses, skinny jeans. VPL (visible panty line) is my arch nemesis and eliminating it from the design was a huge must have for me too. Bare had to be collection that complimented the Janay signature while owning its own place among the industry, so working with an eco-friendly fabric was it's own special trademark. Bamboo was my favourite out of all the eco fabrics out there, its luxurious softness was a dream. Every other incredible property it held was mind blowing the more I discovered.

Find out more about our Bare Collection.


The price point was very important for Bare, as affordable luxury should be available to everyone in my opinion. My goal from the very beginning was to build a brand that varied in beautiful fabrics, designs and cost to cater for everyone. With Bare launched, I felt we had started to bridge the price gap without losing any of our signature quality. 

2016 was also a big year for me as a designer to take a big leap and risk by doing something I never thought I would. The Bare Collection was such an organic inspired collection and it got me thinking. Organic collection...organic models? Makes sense right?


With this genius or ridiculous idea in mind, I spoke with a dear friend of mine Emilie, she was the MUA for the planned shoot. I proposed the idea of her and I modelling the collection ourselves. Attempting to convince myself while selling the idea the more we discussed it the more it seemed a great idea. 


So the date was set and the glass of dutch courage had been drunk, it was time to start shooting. After quite a few giggles and mug shots, we were on a roll, after all I wanted to create a fun and natural campaign which enveloped the cosy and carefree free feel of Bare. Without a doubt as soon as the wolf dog puppies arrived we were totally in love and loving every second and every cuddle. 


The shoot went fabulously and we were both so over the moon with the campaign. I felt so lucky having such a supportive and kind friend who was willing to bare all with me to the world in our lingerie. It was a big achievement to truly feel brave and confident enough to model for my brand, I'm sure every woman has their own body issues and I was no different. Conquering these and feeling proud to show what I was born and represent my brand with was incredible, I know it was the right choice for me as well as my brand. After all, promoting something real in such a photoshopped world was setting a good example, and hopefully encouraging other women to be brave in their own skin. 

Another lovely little addition we added this year was the arrival of our gift vouchers. Now available to buy from £10 to £200 you can give a little gift anytime you wish. We love having the option to let someone choose their own lingerie, especially if you are unsure of sizes this is a great addition to offer. 

Gift Voucher 

Overall, 2016 has been a fabulous year and we have enjoyed sharing all of our latest lingerie and products with our incredible following. I would like to take this moment to thank our ever growing following, without you we wouldn't be where we are and we adore every single one of you that has allowed me to live my dream every singe day.  

Big love to you all and bring it on 2017! 


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