"Delicately British Lingerie inspired by the world, designed and made in our London Atelier, Janay Lingerie all began as a designers dream of fashioning a new age classic."


Hello, I'm Janay Eleanor, Designer and Co-Founder of Janay Lingerie

Being a traditional old fashioned soul indulged in the inspiration of modern high fashion, I,  Janay Eleanor co-founder and designer for Janay, set out to create lingerie that borderlines alluring sex appeal with delicate prowess with all that British charm. Born was the motto ‘Delicately British’.

My lingerie life all began when I studied fashion and clothing. I found myself focusing on the finer dainty details of each project and knew I had a knack for the fiddly. I have always loved luxury fabrics and working with them to create beautiful pieces was a dream. I focused on my skills for the finer things on my lingerie degree at university and became a passionate driven woman to leave my design stamp on the world. World domination one bra at a time!

I invented my signature ‘U for You’ design feature in the centre front bridge of bras. This was a key design element, as it not only looked unique but it had a special fit purpose for women with raised sternums. I myself struggled to find bras which didn't cause discomfort or even bruising from wires, so I decided to fix the problem and wa la! the 'U for You' was born.

Later I met the co-founder and cogs of the company Jamie Fraser, my partner. He's an all around out of the box thinker. Together we formed Janay Lingerie in early 2014, combining my creative wonder with his logical genius we make a pretty good pair.

Since our lifestyle label began we have created a stir in the intimate apparel industry with press spanning throughout the UK, Europe, USA and further in the likes of GQ, L’Offciel, Underlines, Lingerie Magazine Russia, The Lingerie Journal, Lingerie Talk and more. 

I feel so lucky to adore what I do and as Janay Lingerie continues to grow with new collections, signature eco-friendly ranges, mens collections and gorgeous accessories, I truly am blessed to work with such luxury. My mission is to make each and every woman feel as confident in their own skin, promote body positivity and create the feeling of pure freedom in your foundations.  

Inspired by the world and all its wonders, Janay Lingerie is designed, pattern cut, fitted and made all under one roof in our London Atelier.