Our love affair with the Suspender Belt

02 Feb , 2016

Since I very first started my journey into the intimate apparel world over 10 years ago, I have adored the tradition of wearing a suspender belt. The feeling of soft feather like stockings against my skin, blending with the structure and support of straps and clips. 

Suspender Belts have always been a staple lingerie piece in my drawer because they are simply timeless. They always make you feel incredibly seductive when wearing them, even if you wear them for yourself. The ritual of slipping into stockings and attaching in the clips one by one is a pleasure in itself. Whether I am out for dinner in a soft draped dress, stopping for a cup of coffee in a floaty pleated skirt and silk blouse or strolling the bustling streets of London’s Covent Garden, suspender belts and stockings give you a subtle secret all your own. 

When designing suspender belts for my collections I wanted to keep that wonderful feeling and classic elegant look that they give you when wearing them. However, I wanted to make them my own, a design that people had not  had the pleasure of trying before, or myself for that matter. Along came the ‘Double Crossed’ look. The original ‘Double Crossed Suspender Belt’ was designed to compliment our Avenue Twenty Four Collection a clean lined cross over waisted suspender belt, adorned with silver fastenings and a silk waistband. 

When showcasing our collection at New York Lingerie Fashion Week, the suspender belts were the show stoppers, and the compliments for the simple yet classic design was lovely to hear. The second suspender belt was our ‘Lace Suspender Belt’, a beautiful compliment to the original with a delicate Chantilly lace insert. 

For our latest Serendipity Collection we decided to keep the same signature suspender belt design and made very slight changes to keep the look fresh. Presenting our ‘Caged Pearl Suspender Belt’, a wonderfully encasing design to frame your hips beautifully. The ‘Wild Lace Double Crossed Suspender’ is a treasure all its own. We combined our signature ‘Double Crossed’ design with our hand cut corded lace appliqué to gently bloom over your hips and frame your curves so elegantly. 

As a story to be continued, our love affair with suspender belts shall go on with new and exciting creations and designs to explore…


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