Our 'U for You'

28 Sep , 2015

Throughout our design process, comfort is always our main focus and from the very beginning we have kept our signature feature in the centre of our bras the key.

Our ‘U for You’ was originally designed to solve a very common issue I personally found when bra shopping. No matter how many bras I tried on I would find half of them would be uncomfortable in the centre front. The wires would either dig in, or the fabric would be too constricting leaving my chest with red bruised patches for days. I would get to the point of avoiding bras that I already knew would be uncomfortable or even painful to wear, narrowing my choice drastically.

My issue was that being smaller framed, I naturally have a slightly raised sternum and bony centre to my chest. Measuring up as a 30C my size is difficult to find as it is but when you add in discomfort in your correct size it became an issue I had to solve.

Born was our signature ‘U’ shape created in the centre front bridge of our bras, allowing space when fabric may be pressuring and much needed space to allow wires to sit more comfortably without losing fit.

Tried and tested the ‘U’ was my saviour, even on women without the same issue as I faced it became a beautiful design detail that was noticed and loved by industry professionals and customers alike. Now our signature feature our ‘U for You’ is our gift to relieve and delight women all over the world!

Love Janay Eleanor

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